Welcome to my blog

**** New posts on our Road trip from Florida to North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee added on 12 February 2023

I’d been thinking about starting a blog for some time, but finally got going when I wanted to show some of the photos I took on our 6000 mile 7-week road trip through 12 countries in summer 2015.

I wanted to write something more than a short caption for my photos and I wanted to record some of the highs and lows of the trip.

I’ve written up other trips we’ve made since then, including going round the world in 2016. You can find links to all of these on the Travels page.

I’ve also become increasingly irate and upset at the Brexit referendum and the goings-on by the government since then. I’ve vented some of my anger in posts on the Politics page.

I am no fan of Facebook which, in my view, is not well-designed software, but I do occasionally try to combat the worst of the pro-Brexit nonsense there with some solid arguments. You can also occasionally find me on twitter at @susanhockey

And, if you are wondering about the header picture, it’s mist in Upper Nidderdale – the view from our house.


last updated 12 February 2023