About me

I’ve spent my working life in digital humanities and I’ve been to over 100 countries.

I now live in Upper Nidderdale Yorkshire but I’ve moved around – from Halifax Yorkshire, to three places in Berkshire, then Oxford, Scotch Plains New Jersey, Edmonton Alberta, Slough and London.

I really enjoy travelling and started this blog in 2015 after a road trip in Europe.

And, when I’m not seriously travelling, I like

  • researching my family history, especially in Nidderdale – I’m planning to get a web site about this up some day
  • needlecraft – I’ve made curtains and cushions, tapestries and rugs, and I’ve completed a detailed cross stitch map of the old West Riding of Yorkshire which shows our house
  • reading, mostly chicklits and some political biographies
  • growing things – I’m into cacti now, so I don’t have to wait for a fine day
  • cooking, especially anything from Greece, Turkey and the Middle East
  • (slowly!) walking, hiking, rambling, trekking, tramping or whatever it’s called
  • spending time at our house in Florida

Last updated on 19 May 2019

5 Responses to About me

  1. Jerry says:

    What are chicklits


  2. Matthew Beahm says:

    Susan- I came upon your blog while doing an internet search on my grandfather. You wrote about a trip to the USA , visiting Florida Southern College and touring the Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings on campus. You noted that on one of the buildings columns was engraved the name of “Oliver Cashdollar”. He was my grandfather and lived near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He spent the winter months in Lakeland, Florida. My mother was born in Lakeland. He donated to Florida Southern and became friends with the colleges president Dr. Spivey. Thank you for mentioning his name .


    • susanhockey says:

      Matthew – Thank you very much for your comment. I really enjoyed the 2.5 hour tour of Florida Southern College. Your grandfather certainly had a memorable name and the guide made a particular mention of him. We also went to an excellent student production of South Pacific there on another evening. We have a vacation home not far from Lakeland and will surely visit the college again.


  3. Jerry says:

    Hi Susan,
    I thought I had your email address but i donot can you email it to me at jerryk26@gmail.com.This is in regard to the postcard project.Thanks


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