I happen to believe that deciding to leave the European Union is the worst mistake that the UK has made in years. It smacks of plot by the revolving door of right-wing business leaders and politicians to “take back control” so that they can increase their profits and influence.

They want to roll back EU regulations which provide protection for workers’ rights, the environment and public health and safety, to privatise more of the NHS and to slash funding for any organization which disagrees with them.

They ensure that their friends who control the right-wing tabloid press peddle endless misinformation about the EU and find any excuse to foment anti-immigration sentiment. It is no coincidence that the wealthy owners of these newspapers and the Brexiteers themselves are well aware that the EU’s directives which clamp down on off-shore wealth and tax avoidance are coming into force.

I feel so sad and sorry for the young people. Many of them did not vote for this but they are the ones who will mostly have to pay for it.

I don’t see any evidence at all of being proved wrong about this. In fact it has got far worse since mid-2017 with the Conservative internal war which is leading the UK to a cliff edge in order to fight off Farage and his Brexit Party Ltd. And it has got worse again since the December 2020 election which put the Vote Leave leaders into a 5-year government in the UK, allowing them to appoint their followers into key positions.

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